Potter County Human Services


Provide FUN, EDUCATION and AWARENESS of SERVICES for Children (focus age group 0-10) and their Families in the County.

10th Annual Potter County Family Fun Fair

The Potter County Integrated Children’s Services Committee is inviting exhibitors to make available an activity or booth to entertain, educate or provide a service to children on site for our Annual Family Fun Fair. Last years event was a tremendous success with approximately 400 family members in attendance.

Advertising, refreshments, games and a special drawing will be provided by the committee and through community donations. All activities are free to families including refreshments.

If you would like to host an activity or booth please contact Potter County Human Services at 814-544-7315.

Our mission is to serve and strengthen the families and children of Potter County through an accessible social services system that is based upon both the needs and resources of our communities.

We welcome you to use this site and encourage you to contact us for further information.

Potter County Human Services
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Potter County Mental Health Hotline
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